Monika Wernz

After 14 years gaining experience as a pedagogue, I obtained a further qualification as a kinesiologist following the Three In One Concepts method. 
My first contact with the Sudbury School concept came in 2005.
With a great deal of enthusiasm, I plunged into the exciting world of democratic schooling. In the course of this time I have made intensive studies of very varied democratic schools, culminating in a study trip involving a large number of Sudbury schools throughout the world.
I found that getting to know more and more of the underlying school philosophy – with its emphasis, amongst other things, on self-determination, trust and self-responsibility – led me further and further along a path of inner development. 
It is now my deep wish to draw people´s attention to the idea behind Sudbury Schools, open up new possibilities and especially to inspire people in creative ways.  

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