What are Sudbury Schools?



Sudbury schools are free, democratic schools which operate according to the so-called Sudbury model, i.e. following the principles established over 45 years ago at the original school which was founded in Sudbury Valley, Framingham (Massachusetts), USA. Today there are about 40 such schools in existence throughout the world. Most of them are to be found in the USA, the others in Canada, Israel, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Australia.

In Sudbury schools, the basic principles of our democratic society are taken seriously and lived out accordingly. The rights of children and adolescents to determine for themselves what and how they should learn is respected without any restrictions. And in addition to this freedom to exercise self-determination, pupils have the experience of forming their own learning environment according to democratic principles. There is no need to ‘teach’ democracy at a Sudbury school – it is a permanent, living part of the school’s very fabric.

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